Our Services

Ryan specializes in the many components of professional communication services.

Some of the services that we provide are:

–  Preliminary diagnostic
–  Goals assessment
–  Action plan design

–  Content and material selection
–  Content organization
–  Visual aid design and placement
–  Refined to individual comfort level

–  Vocal projection coaching
–  Body language coaching
–  Anxiety reduction strategies
–  Responding to / addressing questions strategies

We offer in-person and virtual 1 on 1 coaching for personalized service. This includes unlimited coaching time and project revisions.

Take advantage of customized corporate training and workshops for groups of up to 25. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Have an upcoming high-stakes pitch to deliver? There’s nothing like a test run with a presentation specialist to polish your performance. Take advantage of our Professional Pitch Review service before your big day.

Ryan will observe and analyze your pitch, then provide you with detailed and personalized feedback to maximize your success!

Beyond Presentations

Our effective coaching and training services extend beyond presentations and speaking engagements.

–  Leadership Coaching
–  Conflict Resolution Training
–  Team building / Cohesiveness Training
–  Performance Coaching
–  Onboarding Training
–  Cross-Skills Training
–  Cross-Cultural Communication Training

Not sure where to start? Connect with Ryan! He’ll be happy to chat with you, learn your unique circumstances and goals, and recommend the best path forward.

*For our VIP package: We offer in-person and virtual 1 on 1 coaching sessions to maximize your success.

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